Thursday, June 7, 2012

A lil about Lilly...

A lot of gurls become sissies through the demands of their girlfriend or Mistresss. Not me. I discovered at a very young age that I liked being dressed as a girl. Moreover, I liked being able to EXPRESS myself as female. This isn't to say I was some mincing little kid. I built forts, raised hell, and enjoyed all sorts of other things that young lads do. But, I never stopped wanting to dress like a girl. It was a part of me that I kept hidden, quite well, but never stopped. Once I reached young adulthood, I started dressing more fully, buying my own clothes, practicing makeup, and all the while, kept a very manly job.

Now, there are MANY transvestites that aren't "sissies". But I am. I LOVE being called "slut", "bitch", "whore", "bimbo" (personal fave!), and anything else that implies my status as a submissive sissy. I also love obeying commands and worshiping Dommes.

Don't let any of this imply that I am, or think I am, some expert on the subject of sissies, bdsm, or anything like that. I'm totally not. But I'm eager to learn. I want to learn to be the best submissive-sissy-bimbo-slut that I can be. I'm still so totally super excited (I'm like the best writer EVER. AmIRight? Right.) to be doing phone sex calls. It gives me so many more reasons to dress up, and I'm learning what a sissy I truly am.

Till next time, bye Internet!


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